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With our second and third packages we offer 30- and 60-second social media teasers for your family and friends to enjoy while the main film is in process. It is easy to share on online platforms like Instagram, with a limit of 59 seconds per post, and offers a sneak peek into the best moments of your special day. 

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Surprise proposals and engagement videos are the most thrilling and cinematic medium of romance. Semi-scripted or completely improvised, these films are a priceless capture of your beautiful moment. We will be there to make sure your partner is immersed into a fairy tale of your creation.

all films are created in collaboration with Erin Braden Photography

Let's meet!

We care about your special day. That's why we always meet with my clients in advance.


Your choice.

Some want it simple, and some like royal treatment. We can organize both. Half-day or all day, helicopter-like drone footage or James Bond-style trailer, anything is customizable. 


Share the love with EVERYONE!

Ceremony & reception highlights, cinematic wedding film, social media teasers, raw footage video, delivered on a single neat thumb drive, ready to be uploaded to any

online platform.



You have other things to worry about. We'll take care of the visuals ;)


Video Packages here:

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Photo Packages here: